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TraceTek® leak detection systems

The TraceTek Leak Detection and Locating System was developed by the international material science manufacturing company Raychem in the early 1980s. Raychem products are in use in tens of thousands of leak detection applications worldwide.

The company's sales and field service is backed by offices, manufacturing plants and research & development centres across the globe. It is now part of the Tyco Thermal Controls division of Tyco International, with its UK base at Washington, Tyne & Wear.

The Raychem legacy is very much in evidence today. In the construction industries it is one of the best known and respected brand names. With a sustained commitment to leading the world in its technological design, it maintains a global reputation for reliability.

For almost 20 years, TraceTek has been the most reliable and accurate fluid leak detection system for Commercial, Industrial, and Environmental applications.

A leak detection system may be installed and operate continuously 5, 10, 15 years or more before being called on to provide the earliest warning of a leak. And after all that time, the system must operate perfectly, providing positive detection of a small leak, and accuracy in the leak location. There are few systems in any facility that must perform as well as the leak detection systems, and even fewer tasked with protecting the most critical systems and equipment.











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